About Us

Learn about the special things that drive Dillon County First Steps, including our mission/vision/values, our team, and community feedback. Please also reach out and contact us anytime!  You can email us from the Contact page or call us directly.

Mission, Vision & Values

The mission, vision, and values of Dillon County First Steps guide our programs and services.

Meet the Team

Meet the Dillon County First Steps Team and the Executive Board Members.


The feedback of our families, childcare providers, and partners is extremely important to us. See some testimonials below! And please feel free to submit your own to dcfsteps@bellsouth.net.


Your donations make a huge difference in helping children and families in Dillon County. See how your support directly helps!


Please reach out to us anytime with questions, comments, or feedback.  You can use the form below or call our office directly at (843) 774-0061.